1. Too much HEAT from your Heating Tools Flat Irons, Curling Wand, Hot Curlers, etc. can damage your DMJ Hair Extensions if you do this excessively! If you would like to curl your DMJ Hair Extensions there are various Heatless methods that can replace for the Curling Irons such as Rod sets or Flexi Rods. You will have the same result with these Heatless methods if you were to use a curling iron.

We are not saying do away with using your heating tools, we just want you to use it in moderation. While using your heating tool we highly recommend that you use a heat protectant or serum.

  1. Excessive use of Hair Products.
  2. Not Covering your Extensions at Night. We highly recommend you use a silk or satin scarf and/or bonnet before going to bed, because this method can prevent matting and tangling!
  3. The use of dense Trimmers, Razors, and Scissors. When cutting or layering your DMJ Hair Extensions we highly recommend that you use professional trimmers, razors, and scissors, or you can go to your local professional hair salon to get this procedure done.